Is it us, or is there something exciting about starting a new year? Not knowing what to expect, or what is yet to come. This past year was full of surprises, some welcomed surprises (raises at work, writing music, traveling, etc.) others not so much, (Lauren going to surgery for stage four endometriosis, medical bills, etc.). Despite any setbacks we are grateful for what we have and what we have accomplished through it all.


This year we have a ton of goals we’d like to achieve. First and foremost, we want to complete an album’s worth of music. I don’t want to say “complete an album” because we are taking the nontraditional path with our music and not focusing on an album but rather creating songs that we love and pushing them as singles. Thus far we have 5 complete songs and we are thiiiiiiis close to completing a sixth. Our hopes are by the end of 2019, we have completed 10-12 singles. How cool would that be?


Lauren- I want to continue working on my guitar and ukulele skills. I’ve been having such a good time working with Drew and having him teach me new songs and I can tell how much I’ve improved in just a short amount of time. I hope to not lose that momentum and keep learning and developing that skill. Another resolution I have is to get more involved in the Austin music community! If you’re a band looking for an opener, we are group and we’re ready to collaborate!

Drew- I want to continue writing more and developing a regular practice schedule. There is a long(ish) term goal of bringing other musicians in for live performances, but this hinges on a few crucial factors like completing a full set and actually finding people with whom we gel musically. This also means we are faced with the task of actually writing out and/or charting our music. 2019 will be the year of both composing and actually writing down our music for the potential use of others.


We wish you a prosperous New Year! Good luck on all of your resolutions!

Drew Weaver