A Few of Our Favorite Things...


In our humble opinion, Austin is the greatest city in the world, but please, please don’t move here. We love this city way too much; it’s where we met, fell in love, got married, and where we plan to (hopefully) buy a home and establish our careers in music. Just for fun we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite places here:

1. Favorite Coffee Shop: Brentwood Social House
There is a relaxed, fun, artistic vibe in this North Austin Coffee House. It’s an adorable restored home that the owner converted into a coffee house. You literally feel at home when you walk in. They have trivia nights, adult coloring book nights, open mic nights and they also feature yours truly for their Sunday Brunch. Also, it’s kid friendly with an outdoor backyard play area.

2. Favorite Tacos: Taco Deli
You can’t go wrong here. Everything is delicious, it’s award winning, it’s been in magazines and there are a ton of locations around Austin now because it’s just THAT good. If you are gluten intolerant like Lauren, this place is perfect since all the sauces are gf and any taco on a corn tortilla is gluten free as well. Their guacamole is our favorite but watch out, it’s spicy!


3. Favorite Restaurant: A tie between Picnik and Jack Allen’s Kitchen

A. First let’s talk about Picnik. It’s free of soy, peanuts, corn and gluten. For those that don’t have any allergies, you’re probably thinking, ‘’GROSS!” But we promise this place is amazing. Lauren’s father who pretty much only eats burgers and fries and is a very picky eater, ordered the pancakes and destroyed them. We always order the Chicken tenders and fried brussels sprouts for an appetizer. An we enjoy splitting the fish tacos so we can save room with the ice cream sandwich. YUM!

B. Next favorite, Jack Allen’s Kitchen. They have a section in their menu called, “Chicken Fried anything” on their menu. Who could ask for anything more? We recommend the red chili fries as an appetizer, Chicken Fried Chicken, and the Blondie for dessert. Side note, Lauren was able to try these items out before she discovered that she is gluten intolerant. Jack Allen’s kitchen does have gluten free menu; it Is limited but the Ruby Red Trout, Simply Grilled Salmon and the Chicken Cobb salad are excellent. For dessert they have a chocolate torte that’s rich and delicious. Make sure to order extra whip cream and the raspberry sauce on the side. Trust us, makes it all the better. Also, the drinks are WONDERFUL!


4. Favorite Hangout: Pinballz.

Our true colors are going to show on this one. This place, while slightly grimy, is a ton of fun. It’s full of new and vintage pinball machines plus tons of old arcade games. Our favorite game is Area 51 and we never see those anywhere expect for Pinballz (not since 2002, at least). It’s a great place to grab a drink and hang out with your friends. Yes, it’s slightly nerdy but you can find us there blowing money on fun nonsense on a Friday/Saturday night.

5. Favorite Venue: Stubbs

This one was tough to narrow down because there are a ton of wonderful venues here in Austin! But we marked this as number one because we’ve seen the most shows here and it’s on the top list of dream venues to perform in. They’ve got a BBQ restaurant attached, drinks, and indoor and outdoor stages. The sound is always great and the energy is ecstatic every time we’ve attended a concert.

Obviously, Austin has so much more to offer than just these top five places. But these are our personal favorites! If you live here and never been or are planning a visit, make sure to check it all out.